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Make your holidays a little extra this year with our four holiday scents. Each candle is 9 oz and individually boxed. 


Apres Ski / Smells like evergreens and after parties.

Spruce & Cypress - Burning this candle is as invigorating as hitting the ski slopes. Cinnamon, spearmint, and cypress float above a rich spruce and cedar base. A touch of citrus rounds out the scent profile to capture the essence of this winter pastime.

Midnight Moonlight / Smells like celebratory toasts and wishful thinking. 

Plum & Sandalwood - Experience all of the glitz and glam holiday festivities can offer with Midnight Moonlight. A sweet and sophisticated blend of plum, cabernet grape, and dewy violet float above a warm base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.


Mistletoe / Smells like a silent wingman. 

Black Currant & Amber - A captivating and sensual aroma, Mistletoe captures the essence of holiday magic in candle form. Hints of apple, saffron, and luscious blackberries lure you in, and a warm blend of black currant and amber seals the deal. Patchouli and cedarwood round out the scent for added depth and dimension.


Spiked and Spiced / Smells like friendly pours and holiday cheer.

Red Wine & Cinnamon - A modern take on a holiday classic, Spiked & Spiced evokes the festive spirit of mulled wine. A warm and inviting blend of orange, cinnamon, and red currant floats above a deep base of red wine and cedarwood.

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